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Dive into a Mango Manuscript

Writing is an amazing form of self-expression and it is my hope that my work in the literary field are more than words and letters scribbled on a page, but powerful tools which to guide your journey and encrouage you to pick up the pen and start scribing a better story for your life.   Thus, note that my writings are not, nor were they meant to, be mindless beach-blanket reads between summer-afternoon naps... Instead, the works to follow are intended to engage your mind & spirit, challenge you to think & act, and invigorate along with entertain! 

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Emancipated to Emaciated:
Story of a Skinny Mango

True, it's a little uncommon to write a memoir at age 39, but it has been a hell of a trip and, if sharing it helps put purpose to some of the pain, then write I will! 

Kicking off with a forward from Coach Bill Belichick, this book balances laughter and lament as it recounts the excitement and exhaustion that define my recovery journey.  Mine has been a story of success, suffering & surrender; however, my intention in putting words to MY story, is that recovery becomes OUR story. 

****Please write a review upon purchasing so that we can keep the energy going.**** 

All proceeds go towards providing FREE mental health programing to disadvantaged neighbors. 

Wally the Wave: 
Wanderings towards Inclusivity

This is not your average Children's book!!!    Complete with a chapter for adults on ways which to promote diversity and inclusivity, this epic picture book was CO-ILLUSTRATED BY NOAH HABIB, A YOUNG ADULT WITH SEVERE CEREBRAL PALSY,     and this link leads to the Digital Book, and Amazon page, and Awesome Videos of Noah and I doing the Watercolors and Performing a Dramatic Reading!!! 


The Expanse:  Homos, Hobos & the Holy Hereafter

Is Homosexuality a sin?   Why do bad things happen to good people?   What does God look like? Sound like? Act like? Love like?  Dive deep into a slightly humorous, yet deeply provocative account of two despondent individuals -- each representative of their own metaphorical and literal closet -- as they journey alongside a non-traditional deity that some may deem GOD, on a parallel path to self, social and spiritual acceptance.    


Yeshie The Sheep:
Safari of Sanity

Are you an illustrator?    Want a fun Project??  

Well, take a look at my latest children's book manuscript -- and read it to your kiddo!!!      This is an unpublished piece that is ready to be put to picture...  but, until it is, let your imagination paint the pictures for you as you safari alongside 'Yeshie the Sheep' across the African Savana on a quest to find the den of Eli, the Elephant with Alzheimers. You will laugh with, and fall in love with, a diversity of animals, each representative of a mental illness or disability. 

Zebras in Wild
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