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Who's  Mango...

Hi...  My name is Ryan  (though most know me by my more playful moniker, Mango)  & I am a rather nontraditional Minister of the Presbyterian & Universalist Unitarian traditions, a licensed sailboat Captain, an aspiring writer, a imaginative wanderer, and a life/business coach with undergraduate degrees in world theology & creative writing, as well as dual masters degrees in Divinity & Business Communications.  


I am unashamedly neuro-diverse  &  approach my autism/adhd as complementary character traits  &  tools to help me better engage with diverse populations --- not disorders or hurdles to overcome. 

That said, I seek to empower YOU to accept & engage your truest self as we partner in an experience of mutual evolution. 


I have lived with an Eating Disorder  &  Exercise addiction since childhood, despite a successful professional marathon career and elite status in the Ironman Triathlon Circuit.   Now, upon retirement from endurance sports, my energy is more often spent surfing, sailing and yoga-ing -- and my personal journey has taken a turn toward self-acceptance apart from the Ego   (the false notion that "I am what I do, what I accomplish, or what I own.") 


I would love to work with you in any regard -- whether in the form of career/life coaching, Addiction/Eating Disorder recovery, corporate team building and/or Spiritual Discernment.  I am a certified personal trainer, Yoga instructor, Clinical Interfaith Chaplain and Wellness Coach,  and I would love to walk alongside you in a wholistic way that addresses the fullness of mind, spirit and body -- as well enhances your social, personal and career life.

Da  Blog

My Adventures of Athletics & Anorexia

This writing dives in with my journey to overcome my personal exercise addiction by delving into the difference between Mindful and Mindless movement.   It is an empowering reflection to read as you embark on an adventure of the body.
The Kooky Side of Crazy

This writing is an account of my plunge from Psych Chaplain to Psych Patient, then the journey to reclaim my life and laugh thereafter.  It is an empowering reflection to read as you embark on an adventure of the mind. 
Neuro-diversity isn't a Disorder...
This is a writing that traces my late-life autism diagnosis and the movement from being labeled "disordered" to "disabled" & my passion for disregarding labels as a whole.  An empowering writing for anyone struggling with being a bit "Atypical" in any way, not just from the autistic/anorexic voice that I wrote. 
Reflection: Faith

This is a writing that dives into my professional and personal passion for the role of faith and spirituality in our lives -- and, what's more, our 'disorders.' This is a philosophically educational and encouraging piece for anyone who feels that their faith overlaps their recovery (because it almost always does.) 
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