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We are all recovering from something:

Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Addictions, Depressions, Self-Doubt, et cetera...

Paddle & Play Counseling

For those of you here in Santa Cruz, I invite you to actively EXPERIENCE recovery through my personal or group counseling sessions, rooted in recreation and a model of therapy that starts with self-acceptance and exploration. We must understand and accept ourselves before trying to change our identity, because so much of what some might call disordered could better be dipicted as personality!

Choose from hiking, kayaking, sailing, surfing, beach-walking, cycling or coffee-sipping -- for two-hour sessions that encaptulate the mind, body and Spirit. 


Virtual options, though not quite as playful, are also available so don't hesitate to schedule a free 15 minute Consultation to see if this is the right resource for you!!   

Our Addiction
Rec-O-very House

The Myrtle Beach House is a 14-person Sobriety Home in the heart of Santa Cruz, CA that provides an intentional community of support for individuals dealing with Drug, Alcohol and Behavioral Addictions.  We are not a residential center, but an empowering home for individuals transitioning out of care or who need a break from the strains and temptations of life.  

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