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God blessed/cursed me with the gift of thought... to the umpteenth degree!!!     Though I often wish I could shut off my mind, I've yet to find the on/off switch.    Thus, since I cannot control my introspective intellect, I have decided to write about it! 

Below you will find a variety of reflections on faith, life, etc...     Some of these are drafted pieces that have been published in various magizines such as the Adventure Sport's Journal, Christian Century, Autism Parents, etc...     Some of these are simply unedited jumbles of words in hope that I might put to pen an epiphany which aids in our mutual evolution.  Regardless of the polished nature, philosophical topic or publication status... ENJOY!   And share with all who might benefit


Take a listen to my recent appearance on Spirituality and Health Magazines's podcast!

A dialogue about faith, food and my recent book, 'From Emaciated to Emancipated.'  Rabbi Rami has been one of my mentors for over a decade, and I'm sure he will be yours too after a listen.

Guest Podcast: 
Take a listen to a guest podcast I recorded with UK Eating Disorder Specialist, Harriet Frew, where we speak on the growing linkage between Autism and Eating Disorders...
2012-09-16 21.42.13.jpg
My Adventures of Athletics & Anorexia

This writing dives in with my journey to overcome my personal exercise addiction by delving into the difference between Mindful and Mindless movement.   It is an empowering reflection to read as you embark on an adventure of the body.
The Kooky Side of Crazy

This writing is an account of my plunge from Psych Chaplain to Psych Patient, then the journey to reclaim my life and laugh thereafter.  It is an empowering reflection to read as you embark on an adventure of the mind. 
The Kooky side of Crazy (1).png
Neuro-diversity isn't a Disorder...
This is a writing that traces my late-life autism diagnosis and the movement from being labeled "disordered" to "disabled" & my passion for disregarding labels as a whole.  An empowering writing for anyone struggling with being a bit "Atypical" in any way, not just from the autistic/anorexic voice that I wrote. 
Reflection: Faith

This is a writing that dives into my professional and personal passion for the role of faith and spirituality in our lives -- and, what's more, our 'disorders.' This is a philosophically educational and encouraging piece for anyone who feels that their faith overlaps their recovery (because it almost always does.) 
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